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The Gospel of Life Disciples+Dwellings (GOLD) brings small groups of people together to live as faithful disciples in community, living with and caring for frail, poor older adults in the last stages of their journey on this earth.

Many people volunteer with this ministry and they are known as LifeGuards. Some drop in on occasion. Some spend an hour or two each week assisting. Some have made it a full-time commitment, spending several years as a part of this intentional community. It is an invitation to experience the presence of the Lord Jesus in the midst of this ministry, transforming lives and hearts as the Lord slowly draws all who are touched by this way of life into closer communion with him.

Gospel of Life School (GOLD)

The Gospel of Life School (GOLS) is a response to the Lord’s call to fruitful missionary discipleship. Those who participate in GOLS are able to fully participate in the life of the Gospel of Life Dwellings while also growing personally in their relationship with Christ through the four pillars of prayer, formation, community and service.

There are different ways to experience the Gospel of Life School: a nine-month program from September to the beginning of June, a summer program, and a year-long commitment that includes both the school year and summer.

The first group of GOLS Missionaries for 2018 and 2019 includes four women and two men with a diversity of backgrounds and ages, different educational experiences and homes throughout the United States. We look for young people (generally between 18 and 30) who want to serve and grow in their Catholic faith. Some, want this experience before they begin college. For others, it works best as a gap year or right after college. It might even be for someone who has worked for awhile and is now interested in reexamining their goals and purpose in life. Our missionaries are discerning marriage, priesthood and religious life. In other words, we welcome young adults who are sincerely seeking the Lord’s will in their lives.

The Gospel of Life School is under the responsibility of the Gospel of Life Association, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.